Idlewild Cottage

@ Indian Rocks Beach

Houzz Article, September 5, 2012

Tampa Bay Times, July 1, 2012

Click Here to See Idlewild Cottage on the Front of Tampa Bay Times after Tropical Storm Debby


 A photo that I took on June 25, 2012 of the dunes in front of Idlewild Cottage.  They were halved by Tropical Storm Debby.  Thank you dunes for protecting our properties along the beach!  See Julie's Journal for more information on how we protected the dunes from erosion after Tropical Storm Debby.  Tropical Storm Issac did threaten our work...but passed by...but it reminds us to respect Mother Nature.

Good Morning Tampa Bay's Charley Belcher Featured Idlewild Cottage on Fox 13, August 23, 2011